Shriram Group

Financial Services

Helping Create Wealth. Empowering people through prosperity. Resulting in inclusive growth.

The relentless pursuit of this mission, since our inception in 1974 has given the Shriram Group our raison d'être and our distinct identity. The Group’s reputation for effectiveness, transparency and integrity has helped it to become one of India’s largest Financial Services Network.

The Group’s Financial Services Businesses manage assets exceeding Rs.60,000 crores, has 9.5 million clients, served by more than 45,000 employees, through 2400 Branches across India.

Our core financial services businesses are housed under the holding company Shriram Capital Ltd:

Commercial Vehicle Finance

Life Insurance

General Insurance

Consumer & Enterprise Finance

Financial Product Distribution

Retail Stock Broking

Chit Funds

Wealth Advisors

Governing Council (GC) – Financial Services

The Shriram group derives its strength from the diversity of skills and strengths of the members of the Owner Group and Senior Leader Group. The entire structure is based on the concept of partnership and it is always the team which performs with individuals playing different roles according to their strengths.

As the direction of the various businesses needs to be decided by the Owner Group, Shriram Ownership Trust has formed a Governing Council (GC) comprising of the active members of the Owner Group. Shriram Ownership Trust will delegate various activities of the Group as it deems fit to the Governing Council. The constitution of the GC comprises of: Chairman, Mentors, and Members.

Governing Council

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